Pigeons and Other Nuisance Birds

The Bird Control Problem

Pigeons and other birds such as starlings and house sparrows pose a serious health threat because they interact so closely with people. Urban dwellers, they have adapted to our way of life, flying in and out of buildings and eating our food.

In terms of disease and damage, pigeons in particular are similar to rats and mice:

  • They contaminate food and water with their feces.
  • Their fecal dust is easily inhaled.
  • They harbor more than 40 different parasites and host at least 60 infectious diseases, which are spread to every place the bird lives.

Remember: It isn’t enough to remove birds. Care must be taken to exterminate parasites and disinfect the area where they lived. That’s where our training and equipment come in. We specialize in bird control:

  • Trapping: We use traps and a non-toxic bait to attract birds without posing a health threat to your family or pets.
  • Exclusion: Our Bird Prevention system, which includes netting, spikes, sound deterrents and electric tracks that deny access to architectural features, rooftops, overhangs, parking garages, and office balconies.
  • Prevention and Modification: The goal is make areas around your home unattractive to birds. To do this, we remove or modify potential nesting areas. That means keeping shrubs free of debris, because predators and other pests like to hide there. We also fill cracks and depressions.
  • Sanitation: Cleaning and disinfecting the site is the only way to be sure it is safe once the birds have been removed.